The CHEF kitchen roll holder is made of maple wood with a removable top available in either walnut or maple. CHEF reflects Søren Ulrik Petersen’s elegant approach to his MILL pepper grinder where the rounded top fits well in the palm. The characteristic top invites you to pick up the holder and carry it around. The holder is as suitable for the dining table as for the kitchen counter. The sleek design also makes it appealing to the eye either with or without a kitchen roll.


Product Information:

Materials: Maple with a top of either maple wood or walnut

Height: 287 mm, Diameter: 120 mm

Design: Søren Ulrik Petersen
Made in Denmark

Use a soft cloth wrung in clean water for daily maintenance.
When necessary use a soft clean cloth or sponge to rub oil into the wood, remember always to follow the veins of the wood. It is important that you treat the entire surface of the Mill.

Remove any extra oil using a soft clean dry cloth, and finally rub the surface of the Mill with a soft clean cloth. If in doubt always pre-test the oil on an inconspicuous part of the Mill before using on the whole product.

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